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Prof. Dr. Md. Samir Uddin

Professor & Head of the Department Anatomy
Parkview Medical College & Hospital
BMDC No : A-26300

Speciality Subject :


Accademic Qualification :

Institute Year of Passing
MBBS   Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College (CU) September-1993
M.phil Anatomy Sylhet MAG Osmani Medical College (SUST) January-2008




Current Accademic Role and Responsibilities :

Professor & Head, Department  of Anatomy

Subject Current Teaching :



Institution Designation Period
SWMC Assistant Professor 2008 - 2013
SWMC Associate Professor 2013 - 2014
PMC Associate Professor 2014 - 2018
PMC Professor 2018 - Till Now





SL.No. Title National / International Author Publication
01 Morphology of Cervix-A postmortem study National Principal author

Journal of Anatomical society. Volume-10 NO-2 January-2012 (ISSN1817-065X)

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Morphology of right Atrioventicular Valve- A Postmortem Study

National Author Medicine, Today Vol-32, No-01, January-2020 (ISSN1810-1828)
10 Parasympathetic Nerve Function Status in Major Depressive Disorder Patient and its correlation with duration of Disease National Author Medicine, Today, Dhaka, Vol-32, No-02, July-2020 (ISSN1810-1828)
11 Injury Pattern in Fatal Cases of Incised Wound International Co-Author

International Journal Of clinical and Developmental Anatomy. 2023:8(2):10-12

September 18, 2023 ( ISSN: 2469-7990,ISSN:2469-8008 (online) )



Awards And Certificates