Academic Rules

College Rules & Regulations

1. Students have to carry their "IDENTITY CARDS" when in the college.

2. Students are expected to attend classes in clean well dressed clothes and white apron with their identity card on the left front side of the apron

3. Fashionable dress, cosmetics, untidy hair, slippers are discouraged in the college campus. 4. Rings, bangles are impediment in the practical classes.

5. Smoking is forbidden in the college campus 6. Environment should be kept clean. Students will throw litters into waste bins.

7. Pasting of posters on the walls of the college and the hospital premises are prohibited. These are considered as acts of indiscipline and the offenders involved are liable to punishment.

8. Closing of college, hospital, and department gates or doors and creating obstacles in the normal functioning are act of gross indiscipline and students involved in such acts are liable to be expelled from college.

9. All types of demonstrations, processions, shouting in the college and hospital premises are prohibited and students involved in them are liable to be expelled from college

10. Abstentions from classes individually or in a mass without prior information and without valid reasons are punishable by imposition of daily fine of Tk. 100/ individually Guardians will be informed of such acts of their wards

11. Students will convey their problems/grievances/inconveniences to their Guide Teacher. The guide will solve the problems of the students himself herself or refer them to the Principal or a special committee formed specially for the purpose Statement of the grievances/ problems/ inconveniences by the students must be in an orderly and disciplined manner

12. We expect good behaviour from Students with the staff or employees of the college. Misbehaviour is an act of indiscipline and liable for punishment. Foreign Students should respect our social values.

13. Loss of moral and spiritual values or addiction to alcohol and narcotic drugs are punishable. 14. At the time of admission into the college, students and parents/guardians will have to sign a bond that their children / wards will abide by the rules and regulations of the college.

15. Every student are encourage to buy himself / herself all the prescribed text books, dissecting instruments and necessary medical equipments. Library resources can be used as per library rules.

16. Leave: in case of illness or other unavoidable reasons of non-attendance a written statement from the parent/guardian should be presented to the concerned guide teacher, who in turn will submit it to the Principal for approval.

17. Cost of loss damage to college / hospital property is liable to be realized from the student who is found responsible for the loss / damage of the college / hospital property.

18. Political activates are not permitted in the college

19. The student must inform the college authority about current mailing address, telephone number etc of his/her parents/guardians and update when required.