Parkview Nursing College, Sylhet

Parkview Nursing College, Sylhet

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Parkview Nursing College
Parkview Nursing College, Sylhet - PMNC | PMCH
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Parkview Nursing College
Parkview Nursing College, Sylhet - PMNC | PMCH
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Parkview Nursing College
Parkview Nursing College, Sylhet - PMNC | PMCH

Welcome to Parkview Nursing College :: PMNC | PMCH

Parkview Nursing College is congratulating you on your interest in the nursing profession and Parkview Nursing College as well. It is our pleasure to welcome you on behalf of our distinguished authority. We are preparing the next generation of healthcare leaders, moving innovation and scientific discovery to Bangladesh. Parkview Nursing College is unique in its focus to provide the best nursing education in Bangladesh. Parkview Nursing College is situated in the center of holy land Sylhet, which is attached to the renowned institution Parkview Medical College Hospital, Sylhet. PVNC is approved by the Ministry of Health and Family welfare, recognized by Bangladesh Nursing & Midwifery Council, and affiliated with Sylhet Medical University. We are offering both B.Sc Nursing (4 year) and Diploma in Nursing Science and Midwifery (3 year) course on our campus.  Mission The mission of the College of Nursing is to develop solutions for the most important nursing challenges pertaining to human health and health equity in our communities through education, practice, and service through shared leadership and intelligent use of resources.  Vision Our vision is to provide exemplary and innovative education, research, practice, service, and leadership that improve state, national and global health. The college efforts focus on the nursing education, research, practice, and policy to inform and lead in the delivery and analysis of nursing and health care. Our vision is to achieve optimal patient care education and exemplary workforce development.
The future of the nursing profession will be greatly improved through a knowledgeable and skilled nursing team. The desire to study in a noble profession like nursing for the purpose of advancing the nursing profession is really commendable. Parkview Nursing College began its journey with the goal of preparing the students both theoretically and practically from the first day of the journey so that students can properly practice nursing science as well as nursing as an art form. In this case, if nursing is for you, then you must be in the right place. It’s a new career path with greater opportunities and a promising future. Parkview Nursing College has come not only to educate you but also to support you. And for that, there are a bunch of skilled and higher degree teachers and other officers and employees. The classes at Parkview Nursing College are taken in an interesting way so that the students do not get bored while studying. The students can talk to their teachers at any time. Teachers always want you to find them and they will do the same for you. Parkview Nursing College is not only committed to the excellence of nursing education but is also providing care, excellence, and empathy to the expected nursing education of our students in the field of nursing practice.
Once again welcome to the Parkview Nursing family.

parkview nursing college

Courses We Offer:
  1) Bachelor of Science in Nursing (4 year)
  2) Diploma in Nursing Science & Midwifery (3 year)
Contact information
  Mobile No: +88 01723-039595

Principal's Message

Parkview Nursing College | Principal
Shilpi Chakraborty

Parkview Nursing College, Sylhet.

The nursing profession plays an important role in determining the outcome of the national health sector. Looking at the hospital environment, it is understood that the care of patients in the hospital environment becomes more complicated due to the extra patient pressure. In that case nurses must serve the sick and helpless patients as well as make many important decisions in various critical situations.

In order to provide services to the patients in such a situation, the applications of various life-saving technologies and information management as well as the skills of synthesis and analysis with all the complex complexities are much needed. In today's world of automation, self-care is taking a complex shape in places other than hospitals. In such a situation, coordination of nurses in different types of community health sector is being called for. As a result, due to the small number of nurses, the care of the patients is decreasing and the progression of the disease is increasing day by day. So with the use of various modern equipments to enhance the quality of health care and improve the activities, more and more skilled nurses need to be equipped to meet the challenges of the current health sector. In this age of globalization, the provision of nursing care is a necessity based on nursing knowledge and skills as well. Clinical nursing qualifications are a combination of clinical skills, psychoanalytic, cognitive, critical thinking in decision making, and learning skills through clinical experience. These qualifications are the foundation of quality and safe care. The primary mission of this college of nursing is to prepare the students to meet the diverse needs of all types of patients, to lead the workplace, to provide quality patient care by properly applying advanced science. At present, various areas of nursing education approach need to develop to prepare nursing graduates in the current complex healthcare system in order to ensure collaborative and effective participation with other health professionals. Therefore, in addition to improving the current nursing education system, increasing the number of skilled and educated nursing officers is the most important issue at the crucial time. Parkview Nursing College is working to capture that goal by incorporating the essence of nursing.

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