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Prof. Dr. Choudhury Rifat Jahan

Parkview Medical College & Hospital
BMDC No : A-47495

Speciality Subject :


Accademic Qualification :

Degree Specialization Institute Year of Passing
MBBS     May-2006
M.phil Physiology BSMMU 2012


Current Accademic Role and Responsibilities :

Head of the Department Anatomy

Subject Current Teaching :



Institution Designation Period
SWMC Assistant Professor 2012-2014
PMC Associate Professor 2014-2019
PMC Professor 2019-Till Now



The number of Publications 08 (Eight).

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  2. Study on some aspects of physiological changes in cardiac functional status in young healthy adult male by exercise test. North East Medical Journal. 2014, July:14 (2): 11-15.
  3. Impaired cardiac vagal tone in Major Depressive Disorder. J Bangladesh Soc. Physiol. 2015m, Dec: 10 (2): 41-45.
  4. Serum Zinc and Plasma Protein Status in Iron deficient Adolescents. North East Medical Journal. 2016, July: 6 (2): 09-12.
  5. A study of the pulmonary function test in Asymptomatic tobacco smokers and Never Smokers. North East Medical Journal.2018, July: 8(2):17-20.
  6. Association of central Pulse Pressure with the extent of angiographically detected the coronary artery disease. OMTAJ. 2018, July: 17 (2):144- 148.
  7. Injury pattern in fatal cases of stab wound. Medicine today.2019,July: 3 1(2):76-79.

Parasympathetic nerve function status in major depressive disorder patients and its correlation with duration of disease. Medicine today. 2020, July: 32(2):76-80