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Dr. Sultana Mehnaz Rahman Chowdhury

Associate Professor
Parkview Medical College & Hospital
BMDC No : A-53875

Speciality Subject :


Accademic Qualification :

Degree Specialization Institute Year of Passing
M.Phil Microbiology   January-2015


Subject Current Teaching :



Institute Designation Role & Response Period
PMC Assistant Professor   2016-2020
PMC Associate Professor   2020-Till Now



Title Subject Name of Journal Year

Uropathogens in urinary tract infection among diabetic and non-diabetic pregnant women


Central medical college journal

2020 (January)

Antimicrobial suscentibility Pattern or uropathogens amono diabetic and non-diabetic pregnant women.

  Osmani Medical Teachers association Journal 2019 (January)

Asymptomatic bacteriuria among diabetic pregnant women in Sylhet diabetic hospital.

  Osmani Medical Teachers association Journal 2019 (July)

Antimicrobial resistant pattern of Uropathogenic Eschericia coli and Klebsiella species isolated in a tertiary care hospital of Sylhet.

  Medicine today 2018 (July)

Pattern of dermatophytes in patients attending in Outpatient department of tertiary care medical hospital

  Osmani Medical Teachers association Journal 2016 (July)