Mission & Vision of PMC


Hospital will set up a low cost specialized treatment facility for the common people which will eventually take shape of a centre of excellence in Bangladesh. There is specific target to create by phases all modern medical techniques and facilities and bring down the cost of treatment to an affordable range for the common people of the country without compromising the standard and quality of service. Hospital is committed to create a comprehensive and integrated health care system and bring it to doorsteps of the vast majority of the people residing in the rural areas. There is a well established Nursing Institute. We shall start a well equipped Dental College in future.


To establish a centre of excellence in the field of health and medical education in the country against which other medical establishment will be rated. It will provide opportunity for treatment of latest version of medical science available round the globe and to accommodate medical education to a large number of Bangladeshi residing at UK, USA, Gulf countries and other foreign countries. The Medical College & Hospital is committed to carry out research and development work in the arena of Medical Science.